LFI Vice Chair Michael Dugher MP warns of anti-Semitism dressed up as anti-Zionism

Michael Dugher MP has written an article for the The Jewish Cronicle about anti-Semitism being dressed up as anti-Zionism.  You can read it here:

We still need to speak up on ‘mainstream’ anti-Semitism

In 2006, the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Inquiry into Antisemitism warned that antisemitism was creeping into the mainstream with traditional antisemitic themes – dressed up as “anti-Zionism” – mounting a comeback. Sadly, this has not abated over the past few years.

Good luck Ha’avoda

Good luck Ha’avoda by Ben Garratt:

Israel goes to the polls today for its general election. At Labour Friends of Israel, we make the progressive case for Israel, drawing attention to the country’s vibrant democracy, civil society and economic sphere in all its varied guises.

Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy addresses packed LFI panel debate on how to best promote a two state solution

Over 100 people gathered in the House of Commons on Tuesday evening to participate in the joint Labour Friends of Israel and We Believe in Israel debate on: How can we best promote renewed negotiations and a two state solution? The panellists, led by Shadow Defence Secretary Jim Murphy, called for renewed negotiations; passionately argued[…]

Labour front benchers head to Israel and the Palestinian territories on hi-tech fact-finding mission

Labour front benchers head to Israel and the Palestinian territories on hi-tech fact-finding mission Shadow Secretaries of State for Work & Pensions and Business & Innovation, Liam Byrne and Chuka Umunna, led this week a Labour delegation to Israel and the Palestinian territories, to learn from Israel’s hi-tech success, and to call for deeper economic[…]

Labour Party Leader and Shadow Foreign Secretary address over 500 guests at the LFI Annual Reception at Labour Party Conference

Addressing a packed room of over 500 guests at the LFI Annual Reception on 2 October, Labour Party Leader Ed Miliband told the Labour Party Conference of his admiration for Israel and Britain’s Jewish community. Continuing his theme from his keynote conference speech, he spoke about his faith, of wanting to make a positive difference[…]

Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls announces the LFI UK-Israel Economic Dialogue at the LFI Annual Lunch 2012

The Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer, Rt Hon Ed Balls MP, addressed the LFI Annual Lunch on Tuesday (3 July) and called for stronger bilateral relations and deeper economic ties between Britain and Israel. The Shadow Chancellor announced that he will be “launching and leading a LFI UK-Israel Economic Dialogue… to dig deeper into the[…]