22 January, 2013

About Labour Friends of Israel

Labour Friends of Israel promotes a negotiated two state solution for two peoples; with Israel safe, secure and recognised within its borders; living alongside a democratic, independent Palestinian state

We seek to strengthen relations between Britain and Israel and are proud to promote a vision of coexistence founded on peace and liberal democracy

What we do:

Labour Friends of Israel seeks to strengthen relations between Britain and Israel, supports those striving for peace, and calls for the renunciation of violence and the spread of democracy across the region

• We support constructive and informed discussion within the Labour movement; explaining the intense debate within Israel over the challenges the country faces, including constant security and existential threats

• We work closely with the Israeli Labor party and other left wing and centrist politicians, trade unions, progressive groups and individuals, encouraging strong bilateral economic, political and cultural ties

• We foster close links with progressive Israelis and Palestinians, and enjoy strong bonds of friendship with those engaged in the on-going effort to secure a two state solution and the sacrifices this will entail

• We organise delegations to Israel and the Palestinian territories for Labour Parliamentarians and others, so that a greater understanding of the challenges faced by both peoples can be gained

If you would like to discuss our work, please do not hesitate to get in touch at [email protected]

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