LFI chair welcomes Israeli-Palestinian COVID-19 cooperation

Speaking in Foreign Office questions, LFI chair Steve McCabe welcomed Israeli-Palestinian cooperation to tackle COVID-19. “I thank the Minister for his comments. Will he join me in welcoming the news that Israel has approved a $230 million advance payment to the Palestinian Authority, alongside coronavirus test kits, intensive care beds, ventilators, drugs and protective equipment?[…]

LFI chair attacks government in debate on PA curriculum

LFI chair Steve McCabe attacked the government’s handling of the Palestinian Authority’s controversial school curriculum in a parliamentary debate on Tuesday. Independent reports have detailed how the curriculum, which the PA began to roll out in 2016, glorifies terrorists, teaches the virtues of martyrdom and contains a series of antisemitic tropes. UK international development aid pays the[…]

LFI vice-chair speaks about the plight of Jewish refugees

LFI vice-chair Dame Louise Ellman MP has spoken about the forgotten plight of the Jewish refugees from the Middle East and north Africa, in a Parliamentary debate. In a debate in Westminster Hall, Dame Louise Ellman highlighted the tragic plight of the 850,000 Jews displaced from the Middle East in the last seventy years. “It[…]

LFI vice-chair introduces bill against terrorist incitement in PA schools

LFI vice-chair Dame Louise Ellman MP has today presented a ten minute rule bill in parliament designed to stop the Palestinian Authority education system using British taxpayers’ money to fund a school curriculum which incites the murder of Israelis. Supported by a cross-party group of MPs, Dame Louise’s bill will mandate that UK assistance to[…]

Joint LFI, CFI and Israeli Embassy event on Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran

This week, LFI, in partnership with CFI and the Israeli Embassy, hosted a special briefing in parliament to commemorate the plight of Jewish refugees from Arab countries and Iran. Ambassador Mark Regev and Board of Deputies vice-president Edwin Shuker spoke about the 850,000 Jewish refugees who were forced to flee Arab and Muslim countries. LFI[…]

LFI pressures government to act over incitement in Palestinian education

Labour Friends of Israel is stepping up its campaign to pressure the government to act over incitement in the Palestinian education system. LFI chair Joan Ryan secured a parliamentary debate on the matter, held this week in Westminster Hall. Opening her speech, Ms Ryan said: “Given Britain’s long-standing advocacy of a two-state solution, I also[…]

LFI secures parliamentary debate on Hezbollah proscription

LFI chair Joan Ryan has secured a cross-party parliamentary debate on the proscription of Hezbollah on Thursday 25 January. LFI has long called for the complete proscription of the terrorist group Hezbollah. Currently, the UK only proscribes Hezbollah’s ‘military wing’, but not its ‘political wing’. The UK’s distinction is not one that Hezbollah itself recognises.[…]

LFI MPs celebrate Balfour centenary in Parliament

Labour MPs hailed Britain’s contribution to the creation of the State of Israel in a Westminster Hall parliamentary debate this week. MPs were debating the 1917 Balfour Declaration, when Britain declared its support for the establishment of a Jewish national homeland in the land of Israel, ahead of its 100th anniversary next week. Louise Ellman MP,[…]

LFI chair Joan Ryan MP raises Hezbollah in Parliament

During October’s Foreign and Commonwealth Office questions in the House of Commons, LFI chair Joan Ryan MP questioned Foreign Office Minister Alistair Burt MP on the threat Hezbollah poses to both Israel and the Middle East. Joan asked “does the Minister agree that Hezbollah poses a serious threat to Israel’s security and presents a significant[…]