LFI event: The Middle East’s changing political landscape

Join us for a discussion event on the Middle East’s changing political landscape, organised in collaboration with Chatham House. You can sign up for this fascinating discussion here ahead of the event itself on Tuesday 14th September at 2pm.

Over the last decade, Middle Eastern countries have experienced significant changes in their domestic political and social landscapes, and in their foreign relations, both with neighbours and internationally. The popular uprisings of 2011, known as the Arab Spring, left a significant mark on parts of the region as some countries descended into civil wars, while others saw the establishment of repressive regimes. Economic instability, changing demographics and popular discontent with political leadership continue to put pressures on the Middle East. In addition, the region’s geopolitics have also been transformed as a result of new alliances and rivalries, and changing relations with key international actors, including the United Kingdom.

In our new pamphlet, The New Middle East: A Progressive Approach, contributors explored how the Middle East is changing and what a progressive UK foreign policy response might be. In this webinar, a number of the pamphlet authors and Chatham House experts will discuss the publication’s main arguments and recommendations.


  • Prof Yossi Mekelberg, Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House
  • Greg Shapland, Associate Fellow, Middle East and North Africa Programme, Chatham House
  • Dr Emman El-Badawy, Director, Extremism & Middle East Policy, Tony Blair Institute for Global Change; British Academy Postdoctoral Fellow, King’s College London
  • Gary Kent, Secretary, All-Party Parliamentary Group on the Kurdistan Region in Iraq
  • Baroness Meta Ramsay of Cartvale, Labour Peer; Chair, Labour Friends of Israel in the House of Lords

Please join us for this fascinating discussion by signing up here 

This event will be held on the record and will be livestreamed on the MENA Programme’s Facebook page.