LFI Statement on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas

Since Hamas’ brutal and savage attack on Israeli civilians on 7 October, Israel’s has sought to defend its citizens by dismantling the terror group’s military and political infrastructure in Gaza. 

It has the right and duty to do so, and,

Starmer: Houthi attacks “do absolutely nothing for the Palestinian people”

Responding to today’s statement from the prime minister on the UK’s response to attacks by the Houthis on international shopping, Labour leader Keir Starmer has today called for stronger action against the Iranian regime – the Houthis’ most significant backer …

Analysis: Terror attacks and Houthi strikes as Gaza campaign continues

Situation in Gaza

  • Medications were provided to Israeli hostages on Wednesday 16 January, reportedly in return for an increase in the supply of pharmaceutical aid entering Gaza, following an agreement brokered by Qatar and France. Some 136 hostages remain captive

LFI vice-chair Christian Wakeford welcomes Hizb ut-Tahrir ban and urges IRGC extension

At today’s debate on the proscription of Hizb ut-Tahrir as a terrorist organisation, the Labour frontbench and LFI vice-chair Christian Wakeford MP strongly supported the government’s move to proscribe the group.

LFI vice-chair Christian Wakeford said:

“I congratulate the Government—I

Analysis: Gaza war enters new phase as Netanyahu rejects permanent reoccupation

The conflict in Gaza between Israel and the Hamas terror group will on Sunday reach one hundred days since the 7 October attacks.

On the ground:

  • Israel’s leadership has indicated a shift in its military campaign against Hamas, moving from

LFI Lords chair: A war for the future of the Middle East

LFI chair in the House of Lords Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale has written the below article for the Jewish News. Click here to read the original.

Hamas’ brutal assault of Saturday 7th October did not just trigger a war between …