In Brief: Israel’s first ambassador arrives in the the UAE as Gulf state opens embassy

The first-ever Israeli ambassador to the United Arab Emirates arrived in Abu Dhabi on Sunday following the signing of last summer’s Abraham Accords. The move came as the UAE cabinet approved the decision to open an embassy in Tel Aviv. Senior diplomat Eitan Na’eh (pictured), who has previously been posted to the Israeli Embassy in London, will serve as charge d’affaires in the UAE until[…]

In Brief: PA expects first vaccine shipment as Israel aims for 250,000 jabs a day

The Palestinian Authority said on Tuesday that the first shipment of covid vaccines – which had been expected “within days” – had been delayed until mid-February for “technical reasons”. Last week, the PA health ministry granted emergency approval for the Russian-made Sputnik V vaccine. It is one of four providers with which the PA has signed contracts. Israel has already approved Ramallah’s request for the[…]

In Brief: US bill with $250m boost to Israel-Palestine peacebuilding becomes law

The US Congress has passed a historic bill which will provide a $250m boost to coexistence work in Israel-Palestine, as well as Palestinian economic development. The legislation, which received bipartisan support, was signed after days of prevarication by Donald Trump between Christmas and the new year. It is a major victory for the Alliance for[…]

In Brief: Outgoing Labor leader Amir Peretz won’t stand in new Israeli elections

The outgoing Labor leader Amir Peretz announced today that he won’t stand in the Israeli general election scheduled for 23 March. Peretz announced he was quitting as Labor leader shortly after new Knesset elections were triggered last month following the government’s failure to pass an annual budget. Peretz controversially broke a pledge last spring not[…]

Analysis: How Israel came to lead the global vaccination drive

Israel continues to lead the world in the speed of its coronavirus vaccine rollout programme. Less than one month after Benjamin Netanyahu became the first Israeli to receive the covid-19 immunisation jab, the country has vaccinated over 22 percent of its population. By the start of this week, nearly three-quarters of Israelis over the age of 60 had been[…]

Analysis: After Israel’s Morocco deal – what next?

Morocco last week became the fourth Arab country in as many months to announce it would be normalising its relations with Israel. The announcement formalises relations between the two countries which the Moroccan foreign minister described over the weekend as “already normal”, and, given the ancient ties between the Jewish people and the North African[…]

In Brief: Knesset set to dissolve as new Sa’ar party soars and Blue and White implodes

The Knesset appears on track to dissolve next Tuesday, triggering the fourth round of Israeli elections in a little under two years. Negotiations between Likud and Blue and White – the two largest parties in the country’s “unity government” – to resolve a long-running budget dispute appear to have collapsed. If a budget for 2020[…]

LFI Join UK–Israel Knesset Friendship Group for Chanukah Candle Lighting Event

On Tuesday 15 December, LFI parliamentarians joined members of the UK-Israel Knesset Friendship Group for a special cross-party Zoom event in which candles were lit for the sixth night of Chanukah. Before the candle lighting ceremony, the event heard comments from former Attorney General and former Deputy President of the Supreme Court Elyakim Rubinstein about[…]