Analysis: Israel-Saudi speculation bubbles as UN convenes

As the UN General Assembly convened last week, longstanding speculation around the potential for a normalisation deal between Israel and Saudi Arabia has reached a fever pitch.

What happened

  • On Wednesday, Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman claimed in an

In Brief: One million Israelis have visited the UAE since the Abraham Accords

One million Israelis have visited the United Arab Emirates since the signing of the 2020 Abraham Accords.

Speaking to the Jewish News, Israeli foreign ministry spokesperson Lior Haiat said: “almost one-in-ten Israelis has visited the UAE since the end …

Luciana Berger joins LFI parliamentary candidates delegation in meeting President Herzog

The first Labour Friends of Israel delegation of prospective parliamentary candidates (PPCs) since 2014 last week met with the Israeli president, Isaac Herzog.

What happened

  • The delegation, led by LFI chair Steve McCabe MP and joined by Luciana Berger –