LFI director Michael Rubin: How a Labour Government could advance peace in the Middle East

LFI director Michael Rubin has written the below article for JewishNews. Click here to read the original.

Amid the horror in Israel and Gaza over the past seven months, there have been few causes for hope and optimism.

While President …

LFI publishes Civil Society and a New Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process: An Agenda for a Labour Government


  • Since 7 October, Israelis and Palestinians have seen catastrophic violence and injustice, eclipsing the already bleak precedents

LFI parliamentarians push govt on hostages and Gaza ‘day after’ at Urgent Question on Gaza

At today’s Urgent Question on the situation in Gaza, two LFI parliamentarians pushed the government on the topics of the 133 remaining hostages still in Gaza and planning for the ‘day after’ governance of the Strip.

LFI parliamentary supporter Margaret …

Why Progressives Should Reject “Decolonisation” Myths About Israel

View a PDF copy of our new pamphlet: Why Progressives Should Reject Decolonisation Myths About Israel

Labour Friends of Israel today publishes its latest policy briefing: Why Progressives Should Reject “Decolonisation” Myths About Israel, written by Dame Louise Ellman. 

LFI Statement on the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas

Since Hamas’ brutal and savage attack on Israeli civilians on 7 October, Israel’s has sought to defend its citizens by dismantling the terror group’s military and political infrastructure in Gaza. 

It has the right and duty to do so, and,

Starmer: Houthi attacks “do absolutely nothing for the Palestinian people”

Responding to today’s statement from the prime minister on the UK’s response to attacks by the Houthis on international shopping, Labour leader Keir Starmer has today called for stronger action against the Iranian regime – the Houthis’ most significant backer …