16 July, 2020


Antisemitic Anti-Zionism: The Origins and Character of an Ideology (2023)

Labour Friends of Israel is proud to publish its latest policy pamphlet, Antisemitic Anti-Zionism: The Origins and Character of an Ideology This publication explores the nature and origins of anti-Zionism as an ideology and its relationship with antisemitism on the left.  

With contributions from former LFI chair Dame Louise Ellman, senior lecturer in sociology at Goldsmiths David Hirsh, and Kennan Institute scholar Izabella Tabarovsky, the pamphlet also discusses how Labour has moved back to its historic position of support for Israel under the leadership of Keir Starmer. 

Gaza: Reconstruction, Revitalisation and Reality (2022)

Labour Friends of Israel is proud to publish our third policy pamphlet of the year: Gaza: Reconstruction, Revitalisation and RealityThis publication explores the causes of the present political and humanitarian crises in Gaza, and what steps might help to resolve them. 

With contributions from LFI vice-chair Diana Johnson MP, the Horizon Centre’s Ibrahim Eid Dalalsha, and Bar Ilan University’s Dr Toby Greene, Gaza: Reconstruction, Revitalisation and Reality also sets out a series of measures the UK government and international community should be promoting to improve the situation in Gaza. 

Steps to a Two State Solution (2022)

The two state solution is the only means by which to guarantee Israel’s security and to preserve its identity as a Jewish and democratic state, as well as to satisfy the legitimate demand of the Palestinian people for self-determination and national sovereignty. In Steps to a Two State Solution, LFI sets out 30 steps – political, economic and civil society – which Israel, the Palestinians, the international community and the UK could take in order to preserve the viability, and advance the prospects of, a two state solution. They seek to shrink the boundaries of the conflict, begin the process of rebuilding trust and confidence on both sides, and, crucially, ease the plight of the Palestinian people and expand their rights and freedoms while preserving the security of the Israeli people.

Iran: A Darkening Picture at Home and Abroad (2022)

Britain must urgently develop a comprehensive approach to tackling the multi-faceted threat posed by Iran, argues a new report published by Labour Friends of Israel, Iran: A Darkening Picture at Home and Abroad.

Whatever the outcome of the Vienna talks on Tehran’s nuclear programme, major challenges unaddressed by the negotiations – including Iran’s ballistic missile programme, its destabilising regional agenda and support for proxy armies, and the regime’s abysmal human rights record – will need to be confronted.

The New Middle East: A Progressive Approach (2021)

Labour Friends of Israel is proud to publish The New Middle East: A Progressive Approach, a collection of essays exploring the dramatic changes in the Middle East in the last decade, and asking how Labour foreign policy should respond to these.

The New Middle East explores a wide range of subjects, from demographic shifts, the malign regional influence of Iran, and the lessons Labour can learn from the Biden administration, in chapter contributions from Steve McCabe MP, Michael Herzog, Moran Zaga, John Lyndon, Huda Abuarquob, Emman El-Badawy, Baroness Ramsay of Cartvale and Gary Kent.

Making the progressive case for Israel (2011)

Book front cover image

Making the progressive case for Israel is a collection of essays by leading figures in the Labour movement explores Israel’s progressive economy and society, and celebrates openly Israel’s achievements as a vibrant democracy.