In Brief: Israel and Hezbollah in clash on northern border after Syria airstrike

Israel successfully repelled a Hezbollah attack on its northern border on Monday amid rising tensions between the Jewish state and the Iranian-backed terror group. A spokesperson for the IDF said about five Hezbollah operatives had crossed several metres into Israel in the Har Dov area, also known as Shaba Farms, in the Golan Heights. The[…]

In Brief: We turned down $15bn aid because we wouldn’t disarm, says Hamas

The head of Hamas has admitted it refused a recent offer of $15bn in aid for Gaza because it was conditioned on the terror group giving up its arms. Ismail Hahniye said that the proposed aid package also contained a pledge that Israel and Egypt would lift their blockade of Gaza, which was imposed when[…]

In Brief: Netanyahu believed angling for new elections as budget deadline nears

Benjamin Netanyahu is reported to be angling to dissolve his newly formed “unity government” and plunge Israel into new elections – the fourth in just under 18 months. The prime minister and his centrist coalition partner, Benny Gantz, are locked in an increasingly acrimonious dispute over the budget which some speculate Netanyahu is using as[…]

Analysis: Is China about to throw Tehran an economic lifeline?

China may be about to throw the beleaguered Iranian regime a crucial economic lifeline with the two countries close to signing a 25-year “strategic accord” that would see the Islamic republic receive a $400bn boost. Details of the accord were leaked earlier this month to the New York Times. It published excerpts from the 18-page[…]