STEPS TO A TWO STATE SOLUTION: Ensure Palestinians can travel abroad more freely

Steps to a two state solution: For Israel, for Palestine, for peace

Step Fourteen: Ensure Palestinians can travel abroad more freely by new infrastructure at Allenby Bridge and direct, secure shuttles from the West Bank to Ben Gurion Airport


The freedom and ability of the Palestinian people to travel abroad for commercial reasons, to visit family and friends, and to study, is severely curtailed. Most Palestinians have to travel to Amman’s international airport, leaving the West Bank for Jordan via the Allenby Bridge. Israelis are barred from using the bridge, which is designated only for use by Palestinians and tourists.

Despite planned improvements and recently announced 24/7 opening hours, the Israeli grassroots NGO Shrinking the Conflict has identified tackling long waits and congestion at the Allenby Bridge as a small step which could be taken to improve relations between Israelis and Palestinians. Similarly, the author and academic Micah Goodman has suggested that, in addition to introducing advanced technology at the crossing, Israel could allow Palestinians to fly abroad via Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion Airport using direct, secured shuttles which would connect the airport with the West Bank. 

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