In a letter to Louise Ellman MP, vice-chair of LFI, Commander Jane Connors of the Metropolitan police confirmed that the Hezbollah flag can be flown at this year’s Al-Quds day protest in London as the terror group’s “political wing” is not proscribed by parliament.

The letter makes clear that it is government policy – and not the police or the Mayor of London – that enables the flying of the Hezbollah flag on London’s streets. Commander Connors clarifies that “Parliament has consciously chosen to proscribe only the “External Security Organisation” (or military wing); the rest of Hizballah [sic] is not proscribed.”

Reacting to the letter, Louise Ellman MP said:

“The Metropolitan Police have confirmed that they cannot prevent the flying of the Hezbollah flag on Al-Quds Day due to the policy of this government. We must remove this false and ludicrous distinction between Hezbollah’s political and military wings from UK law, and I would urge the new home secretary to take this action immediately. If we see the machine-gun adorned flag of an antisemitic terror group on London’s streets again this June it will be due to the inaction of the government – they must act now.”

At last year’s Al-Quds day march one speaker, Nazim Hussein Ali, claimed a connection between the Grenfell Tower tragedy and “Zionists”; he also called for Israel’s annihilation.

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