LFI director Michael Rubin: How a Labour Government could advance peace in the Middle East

LFI director Michael Rubin has written the below article for JewishNews. Click here to read the original.

Amid the horror in Israel and Gaza over the past seven months, there have been few causes for hope and optimism.

While President …

Analysis: Gaza war enters new phase as Netanyahu rejects permanent reoccupation

The conflict in Gaza between Israel and the Hamas terror group will on Sunday reach one hundred days since the 7 October attacks.

On the ground:

  • Israel’s leadership has indicated a shift in its military campaign against Hamas, moving from

Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy’s speech to LFI’s 2023 Annual Lunch

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In Brief: Eight Palestinian students arrested on terror charges

Israeli security forces on Sunday arrested eight Palestinian students suspected of planning an imminent terror attack.

The students, from Birzeit University near Ramallah, were arrested following an investigation into Hamas cells in Palestinian education institutions, the IDF said.

The students …

In Brief: Gaza radicalisation and indoctrination youth camps begin again

Terror groups in the Gaza Strip have begun operating summer camps for Palestinian youths again, including military-style training in preparation to fight against Israel.

Palestinian Islamic Jihad camps require young Palestinians to parade and train with fake rifles, alongside instructions …

In Brief: Four Israelis killed and four injured in West Bank terror attack

Palestinian gunmen opened fire at a petrol station in the central West Bank on Tuesday, killing four Israelis and wounding four others.

The IDF reported that at least two gunmen carried out the attack near the settlement of Eli.

One …

In Brief: Iran praises Palestinian terrorism as leaders visit Tehran

The leaders of Palestinian terror groups Islamic Jihad and Hamas were in Tehran yesterday for talks with top Iranian officials.

Iranian president Ebrahim Raisi received Islamic Jihad chief Ziad Nakhaleh, while Hamas leader Ismail Haniyeh met Ali Akbar Ahmadian, the …

In Brief: EU parliament condemns “hateful” Palestinian school textbooks

The European parliament last week passed a resolution condemning the Palestinian Authority over “hateful” content in its textbooks and conditioning future educational funding on the removal of antisemitic material.

The vote marked the fourth consecutive year that the parliament has passed a resolution …