LFI chair writes to Foreign Secretary on Palestinian curriculum

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP. David Woolfall, CC BY 3.0.

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP has today written to Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab following the publication of the Georg Eckert Institute’s review of Palestinian school textbooks, which found that the Palestinian Authority systematically and purposefully inserts antisemitism, hatred towards Israel, and incitement to violence in textbooks for Palestinian children.

In the letter, McCabe asked the Foreign Secretary what action the FCDO would be taking in light of the report’s findings, including the suspension of aid to the PA until changes are made and its redirection towards NGOs with a record of promoting peace and the values of coexistence.

He also raised questions regarding the review’s methodology, in particular the potential use of textbooks that may never have been given to Palestinian students, as is indicated in footnotes to the review.

You can read the full letter here: 210621 Letter to Foreign Secretary.