LFI parliamentary supporter Andrew Gwynne MP

At today’s statement from the prime minister on action against Houthi maritime attacks, two Labour MPs pushed the government on issues relating to support for a two state solution and the need to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

LFI parliamentary supporter Andrew Gwynne MP asked: “May I press the Prime Minister a little more on Palestine? Although he was right to say in his statement that President Biden and he are united in support of a two-state solution, he will be acutely aware that the person who is likely to be President Biden’s main challenger in November’s election is almost certainly not in favour of a two-state solution, and neither is the Israeli Prime Minister. What are the Prime Minister and the British Government doing to use this narrow window of opportunity to push for that two-state solution?”

Parliamentary Labour Party chair John Cryer MP asked: “It is clear that the “Partisans of God”—the Houthi militia—are fascist and racist. They are backed by fascists and racists in Tehran. Further to earlier questions—this has been asked time and again from both sides of the House—may I ask when we will get around to fully proscribing the IRGC?”

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