John Cryer pushes government on IRCG proscription

PLP chair John Cryer MP

Parliamentary Labour Party chair John Cryer MP has today used Business Questions to once again urge the government to proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, Tehran’s ideological terror army – a longstanding LFI campaign goal.

He asked: The Leader of the House will be aware that there is extensive consensus across all parties to the effect that the homicidal maniacs and clerical fascists of the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps should be proscribed and banned. I get that impression from Minister after Minister from the Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Office and the Home Office, who come to the Dispatch Box and express sympathy with proscribing the organisation, but it does not quite seem to happen. Has there been any indication from the Foreign Secretary or the Minister of State that they are about to make any kind of decision or an announcement from the Dispatch Box that we will finally ban the IRGC?

To which House of Commons Leader Penny Mordaunt replied: I thank the hon. Gentleman for raising that very important matter. It is an opportunity to put on record that all Members of the House are deeply concerned by what is going on, and we will remain focused on exposing the brutality of what is happening. I can confirm that this matter is being looked at, and I shall certainly make sure that the FCDO and Secretary of State have heard his concerns again today.