Joan Ryan responds to Emily Thornberry on Syria

LFI chair Joan Ryan writes to Emily Thornberry in response to Emily’s letter to Jeremy Hunt on the situation in Syria. Joan states that Emily’s letter is “nothing short of a complete misreading of the facts” and that “in a dispute between the Middle East’s only democracy and a brutal theocracy which sponsors and promotes terrorism and revels in its antisemitism, the Labour party’s sympathies and solidarity should be clearly stated. It is tragic and unfortunate that this is not the case.”

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Jennifer Gerber, LFI Director said:  “It is frankly beyond belief that, having barely uttered a word about the brutal war crimes and mass killing of civilians carried out by Russia and Iran on behalf of the Assad regime, the Labour leadership has chosen to cast Israel as the villain in Syria. Once again, Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party is showing its hostility to the world’s only Jewish state, its appeasement of Vladimir Putin and its failure to recognise the danger posed by the Iranian theocracy. This would be absurd were it not so appalling.”