Palestinian stabbing attack instruction video > Telegram, via the Jewish Chronicle

A number of online videos are being shared on Palestinian social media channels which provide detailed instructions on how to murder Israeli civilians, the Jewish Chronicle has reported.

The clips, which are being widely shared on apps like Telegram, YouTube, Facebook and other platforms, have emerged amid a wave of terror attacks against Israelis.

One video reportedly shows a man demonstrating how to most effectively use a knife to kill an unarmed bystander.

The man then demonstrates a series of attacks, showing viewers which methods are likely to kill and which would fail, including advising on the types of “sharp knife” needed.

Captions provide more detail on the best way to stab a civilian, including advice on how to hold the knife and different angles from which to stab somebody, including “in the neck from above”, “in the abdomen”, “in the waist from the side” and “in the neck”.

Another video reportedly shared on the Telegram channel of Al-Risala, Hamas’s news service, gives instructions on how to carry out a shooting attack.

Much of the footage appears to have been filmed in Gaza, raising concerns that Hamas and other terror groups are seeking to radicalise Palestinians in the West Bank.

The videos come as terror attacks against Israeli civilians have spiked. Thirteen Israelis have been killed in Palestinian terror attacks since the start of the year.