Analysis: Simulation highlights annexation danger

An influential Israeli think tank has published the results of a “war game” simulating the dangers of Benjamin Netanyahu attempting to annex parts of the West Bank. The report from the Institute for National Security Studies identifies a series of resulting “explosive events”, rising violence affecting Israelis and Palestinians, and huge security and diplomatic dangers for[…]

In Brief: Thousands take part in “black flag” demos against “crime minister” Bibi

Several thousand Israelis protested outside the prime minister’s residence in Jerusalem last night calling for Benjamin Netanyahu’s resignation. The demonstration was part of a series of anti-corruption “black flag” protests directed against Netanyahu, who has been labelled the “crime minister”. There were 50 arrests as police battled a smaller number of protesters who attempted to[…]

In Brief: 28 new Hezbollah missile launch sites identified in residential areas of Beirut

Hezbollah has placed at least 28 missile launch sites in civilian areas of Beirut, a report by Israel’s ALMA Research and Education Centre has found. The sites in the Lebanese capital, which have not previously been documented, are next to hospitals, schools and restaurants in areas controlled by the terror group. “The world must understand[…]