Analysis: The end of Bibi? Israel’s deadlocked election

For once, the polls were right. They had suggested for months that Israel’s general election yesterday would end in stalemate. While counting is not yet complete, exit polls and the current official tallies point to the same deadlock which followed April’s inconclusive general election. The results represent a massive blow to Benjamin Netanyahu, who earlier[…]

Analysis: Desperate Bibi’s “election-stealing” bill blocked

A desperate Benjamin Netanyahu was this week thwarted in an attempt to push through the Knesset a controversial bill allowing party workers to bring cameras into polling stations. With polls showing the opposition Blue and White party narrowly edging ahead of the prime minister’s Likud party ahead of next week’s elections, Netanyahu had attempted to[…]

Analysis: Will Likud ditch Bibi if election ends in new stalemate?

With less than two weeks to go until polling day, Israel appears to be heading towards another general election stalemate – the second in less than six months. Polls this week show neither Benjamin Netanyahu nor his principal rival, Benny Gantz, have succeeded in opening a decisive lead. Instead, they give the prime minister’s Likud[…]