Letter from LFI vice-chair Sharon Hodgson MP to the Foreign Secretary

Letter from LFI vice-chair Sharon Hodgson MP to the Foreign Secretary

Today, LFI vice-chair Sharon Hodgson MP has written to the Foreign Secretary Lord Cameron expressing her concern over the emerging evidence of systematic sexual abuse of Israeli women by Hamas terrorists in the 7 October attacks.

The letter also condemns the “failure of the international community to clearly and unequivocally condemn these appalling acts of violence”.

“The lack of a timely, clear and unequivocal international condemnation of the sexual violence committed against Israeli women is dismaying”, Sharon adds.

She goes on to pose four questions:

  • “First, what support is the UK government giving to Israel to help investigate these crimes, support survivors and bring the perpetrators to justice?”
  • “Second, has the UK government asked the UN secretary general and the executive director of UN Women, Sima Bahous, for an explanation as to the UN’s failure to issue a fully and timely condemnation of the sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas against Israeli women?”
  • “I have always believed that sexual violence is not an issue for women alone. As the former US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, correctly argued: “Human rights are women’s rights and women’s rights are human rights.” I would, therefore, be grateful if you can confirm that, before its retirement at the end of this month, the UK will use its seats on the UN Human Rights Council to raise this issue and secure a clear condemnation from members of the rape, murder and torture perpetrated against Israeli women by Hamas on 7 October.”
  • “Finally, the manner in which – in sharp contrast to the mantra that victims of rape and sexual assault should be believed – there appears to have been an effort to discredit, deny and minimise these crimes is appalling. This denial appears to have primarily been driven by the race and nationality of the victims and the state in which they occurred.”

You can access a PDF of the letter here: Letter to Lord Cameron