LFI sets out steps to a sustainable ceasefire

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Keir Starmer is right: we urgently need an end to the fighting and a permanent and sustainable ceasefire in Gaza.

How do we get there?

  • Hamas must be disarmed and have no role in the future governance of Gaza.
  • All the Israeli hostages must be immediately released and indiscriminate rocket attacks on Israel cease.
  • Palestinian civilians – including in Rafah – must be protected.
  • There must be a massive and immediate increase in humanitarian aid, and an international Marshall Plan for the rebuilding of Gaza.
  • There must be genuine progress towards a negotiated two-state solution – the establishment of viable, demilitarised and independent Palestinian state alongside Israel safe and secure within recognised borders – and the normalisation of relations between Israel and is Arab neighbours, with the malign impact of Iran and its proxy armies recognised and addressed.