LFI chair Steve McCabe in emotional embrace with British-Iranian hunger striker Vahid Beheshti

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP and a number of LFI parliamentarians have signed a cross-party letter calling on the government to finally proscribe the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) as a terrorist organisation.

Other signatories included LFI vice-chairs Diana Johnson MP, Sharon Hodgson MP and John Spellar MP.

The letter to prime minister Rishi Sunak was drafted by the Britain-Israel APPG and signed by more than 125 parliamentarians from across Labour, the Conservatives, and the Liberal Democrats.

A group of cross-party parliamentarians – including LFI chair Steve McCabe MP and CFI chair Stephen Crabb MP  – showed solidarity with hunger striker Vahid Beheshti on Wednesday, handing him a copy of the letter sent to the PM.

Beheshti, a British-Iranian national, has been on hunger strike outside the Foreign Office for 56 days now.

Steve told Jewish News: “I can’t believe the government can’t hear that MPs all across the Commons believe proscription should happen”. He said he had “no idea” why the move against a “state sponsored terrorist army operating in this country” had not yet been enforced.

In the letter the IRGC is condemned for “systematically destabilising the Middle East” and the British parliamentarians warn that the “threat is no longer thousands of miles away because the IRGC is now openly operating on our own shores”.

It identifies a “growing list of activities” the IRGC has carried out in the UK which “will be of grave concern to many across our country”.