LFI parliamentarians push govt on hostages and Gaza ‘day after’ at Urgent Question on Gaza

LFI parliamentary supporter Margaret Hodge MP

At today’s Urgent Question on the situation in Gaza, two LFI parliamentarians pushed the government on the topics of the 133 remaining hostages still in Gaza and planning for the ‘day after’ governance of the Strip.

LFI parliamentary supporter Margaret Hodge MP asked: “I think we all want an immediate ceasefire, and as we see the start of the destruction of Rafah and the impact that it will have on the civilian population, we are horrified. I want to ask the Minister a practical question that might get us a step further. How optimistic is he that a sufficient number of hostages will be released to ensure that agreement between the two sides can be reached and that Israel will then accept an immediate ceasefire?”

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP

Later, LFI chair Steve McCabe MP asked: “Like many others, I pray that pressure from this House and elsewhere can bring this conflict to an end, but we all know that that will require agreement on an Arab-led body to maintain peace, order and security. How close are we to that agreement?”

You can read the full session here.