LFI parliamentary supporter Margaret Hodge MP

At today’s Urgent Question on the humanitarian pause in Gaza, a number of LFI parliamentarians pushed the government on a several issues relating to the current humanitarian pause in fighting between Israel and Hamas in Gaza.

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP asked: “I welcome the pause, with hostages released and aid delivered, and I hope that it continues. I thank the right hon. Gentleman for the role that he has played to date, but if this drip, drip of hostage release is to continue, surely more must be done to ratchet up the pressure and ensure that the Red Cross and the Red Crescent gain access to the hostages about whom we have no information. Is that not a priority now?”

LFI parliamentary supporter Margaret Hodge MP asked: “Like others, I felt a real sense of relief watching some of the hostages who emerged and were reunited with their families yesterday. The Minister said that this pause could turn into a one-off; it need not. I know the issues are incredibly complicated and I know it is only through international intervention that we will make progress, but could he tell us what steps are being taken not to get to a two-state solution at this point, but to start a peace process between the warring factions that will eventually, one would hope, lead to a two-state solution? What steps are being taken now by international bodies?”

LFI parliamentary supporter Mike Amesbury asked: “Given that Hamas have been crystal clear that they have no intention of ever wanting a permanent ceasefire, what discussions have been had with the Palestinian Authority to build its capacity and competence, to ensure the transition to a two-state solution?”

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