LFI parliamentarians push government on hostages and humanitarian pauses

LFI parliamentary supporter Mike Amesbury MP

At today’s Commons statement on the humanitarian situation in Gaza, a number of LFI parliamentarians pushed the government on issues relating to the release of the 245 Israeli hostages, as well as for greater details on what work the UK is doing to coordinate humanitarian pauses in the fighting to alleviate the humanitarian situation in Gaza.

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP asked: “Does Minister agree that the immediate release of the hostages would go a long way towards enabling the conditions for the kind of humanitarian pause or pauses that we need if we are to deliver aid in the manner and on the scale that we all think is necessary?”

LFI vice-chair Sharon Hodgson MP asked: “I agree that the need for humanitarian pauses is urgent. With that in mind, what discussions are the Government having with regional partners, especially Egypt, to ensure that the Rafah crossing will allow for many more people to leave Gaza much more quickly? Further to that, can the Minister assure the House that when it is safe to do so, those people will be able to return quickly and safely?”

LFI parliamentary supporter Mike Amesbury MP asked: “On the question of humanitarian pauses, can the Minister tell us his assessment of how long they will last, how people will be protected, and how those pauses will be managed? He referred briefly to those points in his statement.”

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