LFI parliamentary supporter Andrew Gwynne MP

At today’s Urgent Question on the situation in Gaza, two LFI parliamentarians used their questions to push the government for detail on the future of the Gaza Strip amid Israel’s ongoing conflict with Hamas.

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP asked: “The Israeli Defence Minister has set out proposals for the post-war governance of Gaza involving a multinational taskforce working with Palestinians to restore peace, order and normality. What is the British Government’s assessment of those proposals?”

Later, LFI parliamentary supporter Andrew Gwynne MP asked: “The Minister mentioned Oslo in response to my right hon. Friend the Member for East Ham (Sir Stephen Timms). The sad truth is that Prime Minister Netanyahu never really supported Oslo and a two-state solution, and Hamas definitely do not. The two have thrived off each other’s absolutist positions over the past few decades. For those of us who do believe in Oslo, in the peace process and in two states for two peoples, what happens next really matters. The Minister says he wants to secure better arrangements for the Palestinian Authority after the fighting ends. What does he mean by that?”

Read here for the full debate.