LFI officers participate in Westminster Hall Debate

LFI chair Steve McCabe.

Chair of the Petitions Committee and LFI vice chair Cat McKinnell.

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP and LFI vice chair Cat McKinnell MP both took part in a Westminster Hall Debate on Israel/Palestine today.

The debate was organised to consider two e-petitions; one calling for unilateral recognition of Palestinian statehood, and another calling for a trade boycott of Israel.

LFI chair Steve McCabe spoke about the need to engage in multilateral processes and to avoid damaging unilateral changes which push people apart, including boycotts. He also reminded colleagues of the roadblocks to peace represented by Hamas in particular.

In her role as chair of the Petitions Committee, LFI vice chair Cat McKinnell opened the debate. Her contributions again pushed for a focus on multilateral efforts to bring people together; particularly coexistence programmes and the International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace.