LFI Chair Anne McGuire’s response to Peter Hain’s one-state speech

In response to Peter Hain MP’s comments supporting a one-state solution, LFI Chair Anne McGuire MP has issued the following statement:

“As Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander has said, the Labour Party has a very clear position in support of a negotiated two state solution. The party supports, as does LFI,  John Kerry in his efforts to secure a negotiated peace with Israel safe and secure in her borders alongside a viable and democratic Palestinian state. This is supported by the millions of Israelis and Palestinians who consistently show their support for two states.

Though the road to peace is not easy, I think that those who care about the Israeli/Palestinian conflict should focus their efforts on supporting the current round of negotiations which will need both Israelis and Palestinians to make tough decisions.  Peter is of course entitled to his view. However in calling for a ‘one state solution’ he is in danger of undermining the state of Israel and the rights of its people, and telling the Palestinian people that their aspiration for a state and self-determination is to be ignored.”


Earlier, a Labour spokesperson said:

“Peter Hain does not speak for Labour on foreign affairs and his views on the Middle East Peace Process do not represent Labour Party policy. Labour is fully committed to a two-state solution with a viable Palestinian state living side-by-side with Israel, and we support the ongoing work of US Secretary of State, John Kerry, in helping to re-start and promote negotiations towards achieving this goal.”


In July 2013, Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander said:

“…to those who say a two state solution is now a fantasy, I say it is a fantasy to think a one state solution could ever be either sustainable or consistent with Israel’s democratic values.

A one state solution is simply not a solution at all.  It would mean either the demise of Israel as a Jewish state or the demise of Israel as a democratic state. It would be the end of the dream of national self determination for the Jewish people.”