Labour reiterates support for coexistence fund in Lords debate


LFI parliamentary supporter Lord Collins

The Labour frontbench has today reiterated the party’s support for UK involvement in the International Fund for Israeli-Palestinian Peace, a longstanding LFI campaign goal.

Responding to a debate in the House of Lords on Israeli-Palestinian peace, Labour’s Lords FCDO spokesperson Lord Collins highlighted the importance of “economic development and supporting people-to-people coexistence projects” as vital prerequisites to a successful peace process.

He went on to explicitly reference the UK government’s longstanding support for the International Fund, as envisaged by the Alliance for Middle East Peace (ALLMEP) in theory, but pushed for “progress” in talks with the US towards making the UK contribution a reality.

“It’s 5 years since the UK officially endorsed the concept. I think it’s about the we heard some positive news on it”, Lord Collins concluded.

Support for the International Fund has been Labour policy since 2021, when Labour leader Keir Starmer endorsed the Fund at LFI’s Annual Lunch. It has since been endorsed by Shadow Foreign Secretary David Lammy.