LFI parliamentary supporter Virendra Sharma

At Home Office Questions today, two Labour MPs pushed the government to take a tougher stance against the operation of Iranian agents in the UK, in particular the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps, the proscription of which is a longstanding LFI policy goal.

LFI parliamentary supporter Virendra Sharma MP asked: It has been patently obvious for years that the whole Iranian Government are rotten. Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps leaders are allowed to travel to the UK and store their stolen wealth almost with impunity. The people of Iran are fighting back. Why do we not stop their abusers stealing the wealth of the country and sanction more than just 50 people at the top of the organisation?

To which Security Minister Tom Tugendhat replied: The hon. Member is absolutely correct: the IRGC is a vicious organisation and its first victims are the Iranian people, who have been brutalised and murdered by that despotic regime for far too long. I hope he will be encouraged by the actions the UK Government are taking at the moment in looking into various of these areas, and also by the work being done by some of our partners. It is interesting to note that, of the so-called E3+3, Germany and France appear to be looking at proscribing the IRGC, as the United States has already done. It seems that not only is there international agreement on the point the hon. Member raises, but that action is absolutely ready to go.

PLP chair John Cryer MP

Later, Parliamentary Labour Party chair John Cryer MP asked: The Minister seemed to say in response to the original question from my hon. Friend the Member for Ealing, Southall (Mr Sharma) that we were considering proscribing the IRGC. Is that the case?

To which Security Minister Tom Tugendhat replied: The Government always keep all areas under review, and speculation has certainly been in that direction. What we have already done is sanction various different elements. Any further action will no doubt be announced as soon as it is ready, and we will see as soon as that can be done.