LFI parliamentary supporter Chris Bryant MP

At today’s Foreign, Commonwealth and Development Questions session, two Labour MPs pushed the government for tougher action against the Iranian regime, in light of its support for the Hamas terror group in Gaza and Hezbollah in Lebanon.

LFI parliamentary supporter Chris Bryant MP asked: “I agree with the comments made by the right hon. Member for Chipping Barnet (Theresa Villiers), but should we not also be wondering about what Iran is doing within its own borders? Four hundred and nineteen people were executed in Iran between January and July, and 127 have been executed since 7 October. Iran has been using what is happening in Israel as a cover for much faster executions, including those of 17-year-old Hamidreza Azari—a child—and Milad Zohrevand, who is the eighth “Woman, Life, Freedom” protester to have been executed by this horrible regime. Is it not time that we really took the case to Iran about its own human rights record?”

Later, in response to another answer by the Minister, Parliamentary Labour Party chair John Cryer MP asked: “In answer to question 9, the Minister seemed to say that the Government were planning to completely proscribe the IRGC. Could he confirm that? If that were the case, it would be welcomed across the House.”

You can read the full debate, including ministerial responses, here.