Israeli politicians from across the political spectrum have sent their congratulations to Keir Starmer upon his election as prime minister following yesterday’s general election.

Israeli president Isaac Herzog, a former leader of Labour’s Israeli sister party, was among the first world leaders to tweet his congratulations, saying “I look forward to working together with him and his new government to bring our hostages home, to build a better future for the region, and to deepen the close friendship between Israel and the United Kingdom”.

Prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his confidence “that we will continue working together to strengthen the historic friendship between the UK and Israel and to advance the twin goals of security and peace”.

Israel’s leader of the opposition, Yair Lapid, tweeted his congratulations and expressed his “hope that under your leadership the historic and strategic alliance between Israel and the United Kingdom continues to flourish”.

Benny Gantz, leader of the National Unity party, sent his “heartfelt congratulations” and said that “Israel and the U.K. share a friendship rooted in our commitment to democracy and a partnership anchored in our commitment to fight terror, defend democratic values, and first and foremost return the hostages home in turn enabling a better future for the region”.

Yair Golan, recently-elected leader of the Israeli Labor party, called the result “a wonderful, welcome Labour election victory”, adding “I look forward to working together with our sister party to bring our hostages home and for security, peace and stability here and across the region”.