Israel reportedly behind strike on Iranian missile factory

Shabab missile > Hossein VelayatiCC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Israel reportedly carried out a drone strike on a missile facility in the Iranian city of Isfahan late on Saturday night.

The strike was launched by the Mossad intelligence service at the facility, which is part of Tehran’s ballistic missile programme.

Isfahan plays a central role in the programme and is home to “workshops” which assemble the Shahab – a medium-range missile capable of striking Israel.

Israel’s Channel 12 TV said on Sunday that the targeted site produces Iran’s Shahed-136 drones.

Shahed drones have been supplied by Iran to Russia and used to deadly effect in Ukraine.

The weapons are seen as tactically useless and designed to terrorise civilians.

The Iranian foreign minister said the attack was “cowardly” while unnamed Iranian officials threatened revenge against Israel.

“Israel knows very well that it will receive a response, as happened in the past,” the official suggested.

Israel not only regards the prospect of Iran acquiring a nuclear weapon as an existential threat but was critical of the fact that the 2015 nuclear deal allowed Tehran to use sanctions relief to bolster its ballistic missile programme and support for terror groups.

The Biden administration came into office attempting to negotiate a “longer, stronger” agreement with Iran, but the hardline regime has largely spurned these efforts.