Emilie Moatti > Dan Haimovich, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

Emilie Moatti, Labor MK and head of the Knesset subcommittee on foreign affairs, last week convened a meeting on civil initiatives for advancing cooperation between Israelis and Palestinians.

“Today is the first of a series of meetings I am planning throughout the year to examine our relations with the Palestinians”, Moatti said.

“What the left and the right within the current coalition have in common is the unwillingness to cause suffering to the Palestinian people”.

In the coming weeks, Moatti intends to convene meetings on Israeli-Palestinian relations in areas including sustainability, textiles, technology and agriculture, with the goal of promoting cooperation and of identifying obstacles that need to be removed.

Moatti has already planned a meeting on Israeli-Palestinian cooperation over climate change, due to take place next month, as part of her commitment to convene as many meetings on working with the Palestinian leadership as on “traditional” foreign affairs issues.

Invitees to the various sessions include Israeli and Palestinian civil servants, public figures and activists engaged in projects supporting the Palestinian economy.

Participants have been asked to present existing projects and evaluate their usefulness, how they impact Palestinian and Israeli lives, and what lessons can be learned from their success or failure.

Moatti, 41, was elected as a Labor MK in March 2021 following a career in cinema and journalism.