In Brief: Herzog pledges to build unity government after November elections

Israeli president Isaac Herzog > Elad Brami, CC BY 4.0, via Wikimedia Commons

President Isaac Herzog has reportedly told members of the Knesset from across Israel’s political spectrum that he will work to establish a broad unity government following the general election on 1 November.

The president made the comments in meetings with MKs in recent weeks, the Kan public broadcaster reported on Sunday.

Despite his otherwise largely ceremonial role, Israel’s president plays an important part in deciding who gets the mandate to form a government following elections.

“I intend to roll up my sleeves after the elections and work to establish a unity government as broad as possible […] because the citizens of Israel are tired of this routine of elections”, Herzog said in reference to Israel’s fifth election in less than four years.

The president reportedly believes Israeli citizens want a stable government that will deal with both security and the economy.

In a statement, the presidential office did not deny the report, but clarified that “the president […] is not concerned with the composition of the government and the identity of its leader”.

However, the statement continued, “in the past year, he has not hidden his opinion that governmental stability is important for dealing with the great challenges” Israel faces.