Analysis: What is the PA teaching Palestinian children?

Earlier this year, Mahmoud Abbas told President Trump: “We are raising our youth, our children, our grandchildren on a culture of peace.” It is not a claim that withstands much scrutiny. The Palestinian Authority which Abbas heads namessummer camps and schools after terrorists, and its official media pumps out a diet of antisemitic incitement, which even features in children’s[…]

Analysis: Gabbay sets out his stall for peace

Avi Gabbay’s recent appearance at the Saban Forum – an annual US gathering on Middle East policy – provided his most comprehensive statement on the peace process since becoming leader of the Labor party in July. In his remarks, Gabbay reiterated his support for a two-state solution, said it was time to end the “blame game” between the two[…]

LFI chair writes to Kate Osamor over BDS statement

LFI chair Joan Ryan has written to the shadow international development secretary, Kate Osamor, asking her to clarify Tweets she made over the weekend supporting the BDS movement. Below the words “BDS movement #freedom #Justice #Equality”, Ms Osamor added a link to the Middle East Institute for Understanding and an explanation of the BDS campaign’s objectives.[…]

LFI raises questions over anti-Israel US Embassy protest

LFI has written to Labour MP Andy Slaughter asking him to condemn antisemitic chanting which occurred at a demonstration he attended last week outside the US Embassy. Mr Slaughter was one of a number of speakers at a rally called to protest at President Trump’s decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. Videos[…]

New Palestinian Authority school lessons in hate raise concern over UK aid funding

This article originally appeared in the Jewish Chronicle, click here to read it.  The Palestinian Authority school curriculum is teaching children the ‘virtues of martyrdom’ and repeatedly refers to Israel as the ‘Zionist Occupation’, an alarming new report has revealed. The newly updated syllabus, the first since the PA published its 2000 curriculum as part[…]

Analysis: Jerusalem recognition makes peace harder to achieve

Donald Trump announced this week that the United States would be formally recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, upending decades of US policy. In a brief White House address, the American president declared that formal recognition was “a recognition of reality” and the “right thing to do”. He was immediately praised by Israeli prime[…]