Starmer marks month since Hamas attacks at King’s speech debate

Labour leader Keir Starmer

As he responded to yesterday’s King’s Speech, Labour leader Keir Starmer marked the one month anniversary of the 7 October Hamas attacks against Israel, which killed 1,400 people.

Starmer said: “It is now one month exactly since the senseless murder of Jews by the terrorists of Hamas and the taking of hostages on 7 October. Every new day in Gaza brings with it more pain, more suffering, more agony. Hostages are still held; thousands of civilians are dead, including so many innocent women and children; millions are struggling for the basics of life—food, water, sanitation, medicines and fuel. We cannot and we will not close our eyes to their suffering. We need a humanitarian pause now and for the hostages to be released now. Israel has the right and duty to defend herself, but that is not a blank cheque; it must comply with international law. This House must commit to doing whatever it can to keep alive the light of peace, so we welcome the clear commitment in the speech to supporting the two-state solution.”