LFI parliamentary supporter Margaret Hodge MP

At today’s statement in the House of Commons, LFI parliamentary supporter Margaret Hodge MP again raised the need for the 239 Israeli hostages currently being held by Hamas and other terror groups in Gaza.

She asked: “I share what the Minister has said about the humanitarian tragedy that we are witnessing all the time on our televisions. We must try to unlock a process towards peace, and the issue of the hostages is key to that. What steps has he taken so far and what further steps will be taken by the new Foreign Secretary to ensure that the hostages are brought home? I really believe that that could unlock the route to peace.”

To which the Minister responded: “I thank the right hon. Lady for her comments. She has spoken movingly and with great expertise and humanity about this situation both on the media and in the House. If she will forgive me, we cannot give a running commentary on what we are doing to try to recover the hostages. I hope that she will accept my word that we are doing everything, across Government and internationally, to try to get them home as soon as we can.”

Read the full statement here.