LFI vice-chair to introduce bill on incitement in Palestinian schools

LFI vice-chair Dame Louise Ellman has secured a ten minute rule bill on the 8 January on the topic of incitement in the Palestinian Authority curriculum. Her bill will mandate that UK assistance to the Palestinian Authority education system must comply with international values of peace and tolerance. It will also require an annual review to ensure compliance.

Dame Louise said: “I am pleased to have secured parliamentary time to introduce my bill to promote the values of peace, reconciliation and tolerance in Palestinian Authority schools, the curriculum and the education system. The government shamefully continues to fund PA lessons in hatred that do nothing to lay the foundations for peace amongst the next generation. My bill will mandate an annual review to ensure British taxpayers’ money is only spent on education that promotes peace, freedom, tolerance and non-discrimination.”

Please support this bill by encouraging your MP to attend the introduction of Dame Louise’s bill. You can write to them via the campaign website set up by our friends at the Israel-Britain Alliance and We Believe in Israel.