LFI supports new grassroots initiative

Labour Friends of Israel is launching ‘Speakers for a Two-State Solution’, a grassroots initiative for activists to lead discussions in the Labour party and centre-left groups about how to bring a peaceful end to the conflict in the Middle East.

LFI is providing training and resources to ensure activists feel confident in making the case that a secure Israel alongside an independent Palestinian state is the only peaceful and viable solution to the conflict.

The programme aims to promote a constructive dialogue over the issue of Israel-Palestine in the grassroots of the British left. Focusing on the rights of self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians, the value of coexistence projects, and the deep complexities of the region that belie simplistic narratives, the programme aims to bring nuance and understanding to a too often fractious and simplistic debate.

Speakers for a Two-State Solution aims to reach Labour members and those on the centre-left are who are interested in the Middle East and what they can do to help further a two-state solution. If you would like to learn more about LFI’s work with this initiative, please email mail@lfi.org.uk.