LFI parliamentarians push govt on anti-Israel extremism and antisemitism

Chris McAndrew, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

At today’s statement from the prime minister on the situation in Israel and Gaza, a number of LFI parliamentarians pushed the government for measures to counter extremism and antisemitism domestically following Hamas’s terror attacks on Israel.

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP asked: “I welcome the Prime Minister’s statement. Given that Hizb ut-Tahrir is a fundamentalist organisation that is banned in 40 countries and across most of the Arab world, why are its members allowed to parade on the streets of London and call for the destruction of the state of Israel?”

LFI vice-chair Diana Johnson MP asked: “I think we can all agree that there is no place on our streets for hateful extremism, so what does the Prime Minister have to say to the Metropolitan Police Commissioner, who said that, at the moment, law enforcement do not have the powers they need to combat hateful extremism?”

LFI vice-chair Christian Wakeford MP asked: “This weekend I went to Whitefield shul and attended a vigil in Manchester for the hostages. The community is scared at what we are seeing on the streets. Since Hamas’s barbaric terrorist attack on Israel over two weeks ago, the Community Security Trust has reported a more than 700% rise in antisemitic hate incidents, and Tell MAMA has reported a more than 500% rise in Islamophobia over the same period. Does the Prime Minister agree that there is no place in Britain for antisemitism or Islamophobia, and that those who proliferate this hatred and poison on British streets will be met with the full force of the law?”

You can read the full statement debate here.