LFI chair urges UK government to take action on PA curriculum

Photo: Chris McAndrew, CC BY-SA 3.0, via Wikimedia Commons

LFI’s chair, Steve McCabe, has written an op-ed for this week’s Jewish News in which he urges the government to take action on the Palestinian Authority’s school curriculum. The curriculum, introduced in 2017, incites violence and glorifies terrorists. Through the Department for International Development, UK taxpayers’ aid funds the salaries of some 33,000 teachers and civil servants in the PA Education Ministry. Ministers have repeatedly failed to tackle the problem, despite LFI first bringing it to their attention in September 2017.
“Across the curriculum, as a whole, there are 2,795 references to violence. The impact of this propaganda on impressionable young minds is impossible to calculate,” McCabe writes. “But what is unarguable is that it does nothing to promote Britain’s long-standing commitment to promoting a two-state solution, peace and reconciliation between Israel and the Palestinians. Instead, it reinforces the cycle of hatred, violence and terrorism which has made this conflict so intractable.”
He concludes: “Ministers are still writing the cheques the PA needs to inflict this dangerous and divisive curriculum on Palestinian children and young people.”