In Brief: Iran unveils ‘longest-range drone in the world’ at parade

Ayatollah Khamenei > Tasnim News, CC BY 4.0; via Wikimedia Commons

Last Friday saw Iran display what it claimed was the “longest-range drone in the world” during a military parade that also featured a number of banners threatening Israel.

The drone, one of several unnamed aerial vehicles and missiles presented at an event marking the start of Iran’s war with Iraq between 1980-88, came weeks after Tehran unveiled a drone that it claimed can remain airborne for 24 hours.

State media did not provide details regarding the drone and there has been no independent confirmation on the authenticity of the claims, made by a regime that has previously made exaggerated boasts regarding its military capability.

The parade also featured large signs declaring “Down with Israel” and “Down with USA”, as well as posters in Hebrew and English warning Israelis to “prepare your shelters”.

“Our forces ensure security in the region and the Persian Gulf”, President Ebrahim Raisi told the parade.

“We can teach the people of the region that resistance is today’s way. What forces the enemy to retreat is not submission and wavering, but resistance.”