David Lammy addresses London vigil for Israel

David Lammy addresses rally in London

Shadow foreign secretary David Lammy rushed back to London from Labour party conference in Liverpool on Monday to attend a vigil in central London as thousands of people gathered at Downing Street to show their support for Israel.

Lammy, told attendees: “I stand amongst you deeply understanding the trauma amongst this gathering of people. A trauma that goes back years… decades, generations and centuries.”
He continued: “In this great country of the United Kingdom it doesn’t matter whether you are Conservative, it doesn’t matter if you are Liberal Democrat, it doesn’t matter if you are Labour: We stand with Israel.

The 7th of October 2023 will be permanently etched into all of our memories. Eight hundred Israelis so far are dead. Over 2,000 injured. Ten UK citizens dead or missing. And hostages still being held.”

Directly addressing Hamas, Lammy said: “Someone once said, ‘Set my people free’: Release them now! There can be no mincing your words with terror. With murder. With carnage. With brutality.”

He added: “We say to Hamas, what you are doing sets back the cause of peace… Only dialogue and understanding and tolerance begets peace.

To those at the vigil reeling from the ongoing horror, he said: “Whatever happens over the coming weeks and months, be assured the Labour party under Keir Starmer stands with you.”