LFI director Michael Rubin: Labour members should welcome Keir’s clear line on terror and antisemitism

LFI director Michael Rubin has written the below article for LabourList. Click here to read the original.

Hamas’ attacks on Israel on October 7 were brutal and unprecedented. Deliberately targeting civilians, 1,400 people were murdered: young people enjoying a …

LFI statement on the tragic events of the last 10 days in Israel and Gaza

Last weekend, Hamas launched a terrorist attack deliberately targeting Israeli civilians. Over 1,400 people were murdered: babies massacred, Holocaust survivors shot dead and entire families tortured and killed. Hamas seized 200 Israeli hostages, including women, children and people with disabilities. 

Analysis: Israel reels from Hamas attacks as Gaza intervention looms

Israel is preparing to initiate a “significant ground operation” to strike Hamas in Gaza “from air, sea and land” following last week’s terror attacks.

Latest developments

  • Latest figures suggest that at least 1,400 Israelis were killed in the Hamas terror

Analysis: LFI lays out Middle East policy agenda for next Labour government

Ahead of Labour’s annual conference next week, LFI has released its latest policy pamphlet: Britain and the Middle East: Priorities for the Next Labour Government exclusively in the Guardian today.

Priorities for the next Labour government

  • Britain and