LFI vice-chair Christian Wakeford: “Hamas do not care about peace”

At Monday’s Westminster Hall Debate, on three e-petitions relating to Israel and Palestine, Labour Opposition Whip, Christian Wakeford, stated that he supports increased humanitarian aid into Gaza, including “fuel, electricity and food” supplies, but currently sees a permanent ceasefire with …

LFI chair: Backing an Israel-Hamas ceasefire now would be a recipe for endless war

LFI chair Steve McCabe MP has written the below article for LabourList. Click here to read the original.

Some calls for a ceasefire in Gaza are understandable and I share the sentiment that lies behind them.

Witnessing the dire humanitarian …

LFI statement on the tragic events of the last 10 days in Israel and Gaza

Last weekend, Hamas launched a terrorist attack deliberately targeting Israeli civilians. Over 1,400 people were murdered: babies massacred, Holocaust survivors shot dead and entire families tortured and killed. Hamas seized 200 Israeli hostages, including women, children and people with disabilities.