In brief: Abbas decrees lead to rising hopes Palestinian elections will go ahead

A series of decrees issued by Mahmoud Abbas has raised hopes that Palestinians will get to vote in their first elections in 15 years this spring. On Monday, the Palestinian president (pictured) released a decree establishing an elections court which, it is planned, will arbitrate disputes between Abbas’ Fatah party, its arch-rival Hamas and others[…]

In brief: PA tightens West Bank lockdown as more vaccine doses expected in days

The Palestinian Authority announced a 12-day tightening of the West Bank’s coronavirus restrictions on Saturday, but also said a $10m batch of vaccine doses would be arriving this week. The new measures will see the closure of nurseries and schools as well as an earlier start to the nighttime curfew. A complete lockdown is in[…]

Analysis: Bye-bye Bibi: Could this month’s poll bring down Netanyahu?

Israel votes in its fourth general election in under two years later this month – with the latest polls suggesting Benjamin Netanyahu’s long premiership may be drawing to a close. But Israel’s longest-serving prime minister may get a reprieve thanks to the divided and ideologically diverse nature of the opposition he faces. Bye-bye Bibi? A[…]