Analysis: The arms embargo on Iran ends this weekend – what next? 

A decade-old ban on the sale of conventional arms to Iran will come to an end this Sunday, potentially opening the way for Russia and China to assist the Islamic Republic in a major, potentially hugely destabilising, expansion and advancement of its military capability. Since 2010, the supply of a host of weaponry – including[…]

In Brief: EU tells PA to accept tax revenues from Israel and resume security ties

The European Union has said it won’t bail out the Palestinian Authority with additional aid for so long as it refuses to accept tax revenues collected by Israel, it has been reported. President Mahmoud Abbas announced in May that the PA would stop accepting $150m a month in tax revenues which is collected on its[…]

In Brief: Lebanon and Israel aim to tackle maritime dispute in first talks in 30 years

Officials representing Israel and Lebanon sat down for their first talks in three decades this week. The discussions, hosted by the United Nations and mediated by the US, took place close to the border between Israel and Lebanon. Although sat in the same room, the Lebanese have insisted they will not speak directly to the Israelis.[…]

In Brief: MEPs urge EU to get tough with PA on controversial curriculum

More than 20 members of the European parliament from 15 nations have urged the European Union to partially withhold funding from the PA until Ramallah makes sweeping changes to its controversial school curriculum. The new curriculum, introduced in 2017, incites violence, glorifies terrorism and contains antisemitic content. The UK government has admitted its aid funds the[…]