Analysis: Gaza arson attacks cause massive fires in Israel

Israeli communities close to the border with Gaza have endured nearly three months of “kite terror” attacks launched from the coastal enclave. Kites, balloons and condoms laden with a metal pouch containing flammable substances such as burning coal or rags soaked with oil are able to drift across the border and float into Israel thanks[…]

Analysis: Prince William set to undertake first Royal visit to Israel

When Prince William arrives in Israel next week, it will be the first official royal visit to the country in the Jewish state’s 70-year history. The visit will underline the growing bond between Britain and Israel, and help put to bed historical strains in relations between the two countries. It is believed that Prince Harry had originally[…]

Analysis: Will Hezbollah flags fly in London this weekend?

This weekend’s Al-Quds Day parade may once again see the flags of Hezbollah, an antisemitic terror group, flying in the streets of central London. Initiated by Ayatollah Khomeni in 1979, Al Quds Day is now marked internationally, normally at the end of Ramadan. Its intent – to destroy the state of Israel – has been[…]